Sunday, February 22, 2015

DIY Solar Energy Kits

Solar energy kits are very useful for those who are eager to use clean and renewable solar power at home. A detailed kit will allow you to successfully convert solar power into usable electricity to power your appliances, pumps, heating systems, lighting and all other electrical systems.
They can even help you build solar power systems for RVs so that you can take solar power anywhere you want. They should definitely assist you not only to get the job done in the shortest timebut, most importantly, at the lowest cost.
Any solar energy kit you are going to purchase must be easy-to-follow. It should be simple for you to build the solar power system on your own in just a few days. You will find that there are lots of solar power programs found online and some of them will clearly walk you through the whole process, from building a solar cell to installing the solar power system.
It is very important for you to find solar energy kits that allow you to further develop the system for future improvement so that your homemade solar system will not be outdated.
Calculating How Much Power Your Home Consumes
You have to pay much more attention to this when considering solar energy kits.You need to carefully estimate the amount of power all your electric appliances and devices use. This step is often neglected by most people but this will ensure that the solar energy kit you are going to pay for will provide all of the power that you need.
It is very easy to do so as long as you are careful and patient enough. All you have to do is write down the hours of your daily use of each electrical item, like refrigerators, lighting, computers and radio.
Then add all the hours for every single item. Once you got the data, you need to multiply the total amount of hours by the total power consumption. By doing so, you will have a clear picture of the amount of energy for your everyday use.
Some people are proposing that the larger solar energy kits are better. They claim that you should purchase the largest solar energy kit that you can afford because you can produce more electricity. It not only ensures that you will have sufficient energy, but also helps you earn money. The reason is that, by law, some states have to buy the extra electricity your solar power system produces.
It is fairly reasonable and attractive proposition,but the most important factor is that you have to find the solar energy kit that works for you. As the main reason for you to look for solar power for homes is that you want to save money, it is strongly recommended that you take a look of some solar energy programs on the Internet. Most of them make a claim that their guide will help you build the lowest-priced solar power system. They will tell you how the get every part at the lowest cost or even build the parts by yourself.

Free Energy?? Why pay the Power Companies

Are you tired of paying those hefty utility bills just  for your household energy requirements? Do you wish there were a way to avoid this expense ? Actually, there is a way; in fact, there are several ways by which you can get enough free electricity for your home without paying any money to the power companies. Sky 4 Energy systems provide you with a multitude of equipment and techniques that enable you to harness free energy from a variety of sources around you. With proper installation and use of these devices, you could even end up making money by selling electricity to your electric company.Imagine That

How do the Sky 4 Energy systems work? These systems show you how to garner energy from any number of free energy sources around you. Electricity can be generated from the TV and Radio signals present in the atmosphere. Though the primary purpose of these signals is not to be utilised as a source of energy, with proper equipment and technique, they can be a very desirable free energy.Usable current electricity can also be generated from static electricity. Solar and cosmic radiation, ever present around us, provides us with an inexhaustible source of free energy that could be converted to electrical energy without any recurring expense. And there are several other methods as well.

In fact, energy enthusiasts all around the world have been developing and improving free energy systems for years. The Internet is full of information on such technology. With the correct knowledge, training, testing, and verification, you could employ any of these systems to provide free energy for your home. Sky 4 Energy uses a few methods, that it considers the best among these alternatives. Sky 4 Energy has improved and evaluated the systems, and offers you the most efficient, dependable, and cost effective methods for generating free electricity for your home. These systems are also very easy to set up and with just a little training, you can easily install the system in your own home.

If you are interested in saving money on your monthly electricity bills, maybe it is time to wake up to the fact that there are several alternative, inexpensive methods for generating free energy, available to you.Why not try them out today.

Offshore Wind Energy: Europe leading the way.

Europe's offshore wind energy industry completed a record number of installations last year, averaging one new wind  turbine a day and is set for further rapid expansion after a 30% growth in 2012.
Across the continent, 293 giant new turbines were installed, bringing the total of grid-connected offshore wind turbines in Europe to 1,662, which operate  across 55 separate wind farms.
The latest round of installations,totalling some 1.16GW of new capacity,was a 33% jump on 2012, and takes total installed offshore wind energy capacity across Europe to just short of 5GW.
Offshore Wind Energy,Europe in the lead

The United Kingdom continues  to dominate the offshore wind market with nearly 60 per cent of Europe's total capacity. Denmark with 18 per cent is in 2nd place followed by Belgium with eight per cent and Germany with six per cent.
Investment is expected to continue through the next 2 years, with 14 offshore wind farms already under construction.These will provide a further 3.3GW of potential capacity. Further expansion should continue throughout the second half of the decade as the United Kingdom's planned Round 3 deeper water offshore wind energy projects start to come to fruition
However, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) argues that the industry could be expanding even faster if governments throughout Europe, kept to their offshore wind energy targets  and worked together more closely to providing a more stable policy environment.
For example, France,despite having high profile plans in place to build a fleet of new wind farms, are still yet to install a single offshore wind turbine, whilst grid connection issues in Germany have resulted in their timetable to install 792MW of capacity falling behind schedule.
"Offshore wind power is growing solidly", said EWEA policy director Justin Wilkes. "But solid installation figures do not alter the fact that the wind industry is being hit by political and regulatory instability, the economic crisis, the higher cost of capital and austerity.
"Europe is a world leader in offshore wind energy and could be creating even more jobs if governments gave greater policy certainty to investors, and resolved grid connection problems."

Hydro Power: Install Now and cut those Energy Bills

As demand for energy continues to rise worldwide so does the cost of that energy – so much so that many, many people are now being forced to make the stark choice between paying their energy bill, or putting food on the table. But it does not have to be like that. Thanks to technological advances in Hydro Power, you can now produce electricity in your own home, completely free of charge and without the need for any specialized knowledge or mechanical experience whatsoever.

Hydro Power has been around for centuries now, but the boffin's at EnergyByWater have refined and developed the principle down to any easy to understand and install system for the home.Here you can discover how to quickly and easily using hydro power, produce free energy at home without using any environmentally damaging fuel. And no you do not need a river flowing past your house, or a dam at the bottom of your garden, as your water source .

This is exciting information that will not only allow you to have an impact on the planet’s health… but also the health of your pocket as well.So don’t be a person who moans about the damaging effects fossil fuels are having on the planet… and then doing nothing about it.

Take action! NOW. Check out EnergyByWater. Install their Hydro Power system, and discover how you – YES YOU- with no experience or technical know-how, can create your own Hydro Power renewable energy source right from the comfort of your own home! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to build and install and you’ll feel great about doing your part in healing the planet.

Plus, there is a huge advantage to using Hydro Power; you’ll enjoy BIG savings on your energy bills. So why delay any longer?
This is your chance to save the planet!! This renewable energy source is cheap and more efficient than any that modern science has come up with.

Green Energy to overtake Gas by 2016 says I E A

Renewable energy will overtake gas in the global electricity mix by 2016, making it the world's second largest power source behind coal.That is the forecast predicted this week by  the International Energy Agency.
The growth in the green energy sector continues to "beat expectations" and by 2018 it will make up a quarter of the global power mix, the Paris-based organisation predicts in its second annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report.
The agency said that total global renewable generation in 2012 stood at 4,860TWh,which is more than the total estimated electricity consumption of China, and grew at a yearly eight per cent.
Furthermore the International Energy Agency  now expects a further 40% growth in renewable power capacity over the next five years.
Hydroelectricity will account for the bulk of the growth in capacity, although the agency said the global share of wind, solar, bioenergy and geothermal power will also double to eight per cent in 2018. Just five years ago, the share of clean energy excluding hydropower stood at just two per cent.
The rapid growth of green energy experienced in recent years is attributed to rising investment and deployment of renewable technology in emerging markets, where it has increasingly been used to address dramatic rises in electricity demand and bring power to off-grid communities. Non-OECD countries, led by China are expected to account for two-thirds of the global increase in renewable energy generation between now and 2018, compensating for slower growth in the US and Europe.
The International Energy Agency also notes that renewable technologies outside of the well-established hydro-power, geothermal, and bio energy sectors are becoming cost-competitive in certain markets, with solar power in southern Europe and particularly wind energy in Brazil, Turkey, and New Zealand increasingly competing on cost with fossil fuels.

Wind Energy for the Home ; How does It work?

Wind energy is one of the best forms of energy that you can take advantage of to power your home. This energy is achieved from wind turbines, windmills, and other forms of technology. However, it is common for homeowners to use mainly wind turbines. Wind energy can create energy that is not only lowering  your power bill, but is also helping out the environment. This form of energy has always been considered just as powerful as solar panels, but the difficulty is in creating the turbines and placing them on your property.
How does wind energy work?
When a wind turbine  is designed and put in the backyard or on your roof, it is going to be connected to your generator that makes everything in your home work. Once it is connected, the  turbine will be utilizing  the available wind, 24/7,to create energy that your home can start using. The faster the  turbine spins, the more energy your home is generating. Solar panels rely on the sun shining to give energy while turbines rely on the air currents found in the air. This form of  energy is  very powerful as long as a consistent amount of wind is experienced in your area to generate the power.
How to build wind energy machines
The way to build a wind energy machine requires a lot of work. You mainly want to buy a motor or generator, and then several tools like batteries and a control system. You can buy a lot of great systems online with the turbine half built.
The main benefit to making your own turbine at home is that you do not have to pay some installation company several thousands of dollars. It is also a hassle since they can make you pay for other aspects to make sure that they do it completely. The problem for others is not actually knowing how to create the right system because there are so many different ways to do it.
The key to making a wind energy system is to have a good guide for you to follow. There are so many eBooks, videos, and other online programs that are meant to help teach you the proper way of creating a wind turbine in your home.
You will get to save so much money when you do it all alone because the installation fees from professionals are way too high. You can also use the knowledge gained for future projects.
Wind energy can save you so much on your power bills, and whilst building a turbine  can be hard, it doesn't have to be. They do not even have to be large and tall. As long as the tower you have can reach a good height  it can be a success.

United Kingdom leading the way for Wind and Solar Energy

Wind and solar PV electricity generation rises by 30%
UK leads the way on Renewable Energy

Britain has by long been at the forefront in European wind energy generation and looks to continue leading the way based on the latest reports available.Wind and solar electricity generation increased year-on-year by nearly 30%, according to the latest set of statistics from the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) wind and solar electricity generation increased year-on-year by nearly 30%.
The latest figures available, reveal that renewable energy now contributes 12.3% of power in the UK, an increase of 1% on the same period last year. In the first quarter of 2013, wind and solar generation has risen 29.8 per cent,  to 6.9 TWh, due to increased capacity.
Wind provided the major share of this with 52% of all renewable electricity generated coming from on and offshore wind farms. Wind generation overall increased by 29% with offshore wind generation increasing by a massive 68%,maintaining the UK's position of being the leading offshore wind generator in Europe.
The overall figures would have been even more encouraging, but for a record-dry March that caused hydro generation output to fall 32.1%, due to 21% lower rainfall compared to the same period last year.
Even more encouragingly, was the news that Coal-fired generation fell by 1.2% , and gas-fired generation fell 2%, its lowest first quarter level for at least fifteen years.This was due to high gas prices, with several gas stations now closed or mothballed and being run at low levels.
Maf Smith, Deputy Chief Executive of RenewableUK said: "It's good news that wind is generating more of our power, insulating us from price shocks from imported energy, reducing our carbon emissions, creating jobs and benefiting local communities.
"These figures show just how much wind energy does for us – last year it created enough power for the equivalent of 4.59 million homes."